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Date Or Slate

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[tabs style=”1″] [tab title=”Overview”] Date or Slate (DOS) is a Facebook app that allows the user to play games against their friends and strangers. To make things more exciting the winner of the game is rewarded, at the expense of the loser. The type of reward you receive depends on the type of challenge you selected at the beginning; you can either Date or Slate:


Date challenge

Users select gifts for their opponent and then play a multi-player game. The winner receives the gift(s) from the loser, whereas the loser does not receive gift(s) from the winner. Users can play for real life gifts, coupons and virtual gifts.  You can Date challenge your friends or even play against and safely chat with other random players.

Slate challenge

Play a game against a friend and if you win you are able to change your friend’s social profile, but if you lose your friend can make one temporary change to your profile! The Slate part of the app does not give access of your profile to anyone. The other user is not able to access your profile, so using Date or Slate is safe. For obvious safety reasons you can only Slate challenge your friends. Please read the Is this app safe to use section for further information regarding the safety of using Date or Slate.

Put these two concepts together and you have Date or Slate – a gaming platform with a social twist. This app does not break any Facebook regulations and implements a highly innovative and secure method that ensures the users profile is always safe.

Screenshots – new games 

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[/tab] [tab title=”Is DOS Safe?”]

1. Is Date or Slate safe?

The app is safe and your social profile is NEVER changed by our app. Although we do say the app changes your profile, in fact it only creates a new wallpost on your profile. Facebook has strong security measures in place and we have adhered to all the security regulations; so this app is just as safe as any other app you may use on Facebook.

2. What happens if I lose? Does my friend/opponent receive access to my Facebook profile?

Your opponent is NEVER given access to your profile. Instead the user is asked what Slate feature should be performed and what new information should be added. The app then posts this information to your profile. So your opponent NEVER has access to your profile.

When you lose the app does not change any of your Facebook details; instead the app creates a post and mimics the look of a Facebook newsfeed/post. This creates the illusion that your profile has been changed.

For example, if I won against you in a Slate challenge and I decided to change your relationship status so that you were married to Homer Simpson. The app would create a newsfeed matching the style of Facebooks native newsfeed style for a relationship status change. So now your friends can see on the newsfeed that you are married to Homer Simpson, and this newsfeed would look the same as the Facebook newfeed. However if you visited the “info” tab on your Facebook profile your relationship status would still be the same as it was before, because the app only creates a wall post that looks similar to the newsfeed posts by Facebook, and does NOT make any actual changes to your profile. In essence this app is posting a wall post to deceive your friends to think your profile has changed, and this method ensures your profile is totally safe.

3. What happens if I feel uncomfortable about a change a friend has made after I lose?

If you are worried about overly malicious Slate changes by your “friends” you have full control of any changes you have undergone. You are able to delete the post, as you would with any other post on your wall. It is that simple to remove a change made by our Date or Slate app.

4. Are you concerned about sharing your personal details and allowing our app access to your Facebook profile?

Our servers do not hold any personal details and instead access the details from Facebook. Nevertheless our servers are SSL secure, the same security used by many banking websites, and this ensures further security.

To re-iterate; your Facebook profile and details are secure, safe, and you have total control over the app.


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